3d render of HOMElife Pods contemporary Home 7 facade.

The corrugated iron on Home 7 has the ability to resist temperature change allowing the interior of structures to remain cool even in extreme heat conditions, while its fireproof quality only adds to the practicality of the material. Using materials resistant to extreme and unpredictable weather conditions are just as important as sustainable materials.


  • Corrugated iron cladding
  • Painted window and door picture frames
  • Exposed roof battens on eaves
  • Insulated panel flyover patio
  • Hardwood decking, posts and handrail with stainless steel balustrade
  • Pitched interior ceiling to allow space and light
  • Highly insulated
  • LED interior lighting
  • Plasterboard interior lining
  • Air conditioner, hot water, electrical and plumbing are all built-in
  • Blinds and curtain packages are available

See our specifications page for more information.

HOMElife understands that you may want to customise the Home 7 design to suit your unique needs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for information about structural, complexing and design options (including finishes, fixtures, fittings and cladding options) for this building.