3d render of HOMElife Pods carport and patio design.

The carport and patio facade is an Aussie icon. Whether you’re after an extra space away from the elements or a main carport for everyday use, HOMElife can design a structure to suit.

Cooldek roofing features an EPS insulated core that is permanently bonded to a smooth, easy to clean coloured steel underside and a profiled, coloured steel topside. The insulating properties of Cooldek reduce heat from above on hot days which significantly increases comfort levels under
the roof. It also reduces noise from heavy rain and will aid in keeping the interior of your home cool, reducing your energy costs and your carbon footprint

Key Features

  • Cooldek insulated panels
  • Enhance your building and lifestyle
  • Smooth, simple and uncluttered lines
  • Available for cyclonic areas
  • Available in a wide range of colours
  • Large beam spans to minimise posts

HOMElife understands that you may want to customise the carport and patio facade to suit your unique needs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for information about structural, complexing and design options (including finishes, fixtures, fittings and cladding options) for this building.

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