Pods are a transportable building. It is a combination of both offsite and traditional construction techniques which offers an innovative high performance product which can be delivered to your site.

Transportable buildings are easy to relocate – allowing you to move, reuse or resell them.

Transportable buildings are constructed in a shorter time frame than traditional onsite builds and are built in a controlled environment with regular tradesmen which assures the highest quality product.

Our Pods gives you greater flexibility as they can be transported and installed anywhere.

Most of our Pods come Plug ‘n’ Play ready. This is job specific depending on the use, location, transport and installation method.

Plug ‘n’ Play definition – all electrical wiring and plumbing is completed at our manufacturing facility. Once the Pod arrives onsite and is installed on to footings it is just a matter of connecting the three main services onsite power, water and sewerage.

Typically, we use an engineered steel pile footing for permanent footings.

Temporary footings use solid concrete blocks on compacted ground with tie downs.

Yes, all our internal and external walls include thermal insulation and sound shield batts. The roof insulation contains anticon and ceiling batts.

Once you select your Pod floor plan and Pod façade, we will provide a quote including delivery and installation. From here HOMElife can work with you to customise the interiors and exteriors and make the final Specification selections.

If no Council approval is required we can start construction immediately.

Depending on the use and location of the building determines whether Council approval or private Building Certifier approval is required.

HOMElife Pods can assist throughout this process and with all requirements.

Construction time will usually take between 10-16 weeks depending on the size and specification of the Pod as well as how many Pod orders are in our system.

Dimensions and floor plans of all our Pods are listed on our website. If you don’t see something specific we can custom design a Pod to your requirements.

Yes, all Pods are comprehensively insured while they are in our possession including the duration of Construction, Transport and Delivery. This includes – Fire, Theft, Vandalism, Natural Disaster and Malicious Damage

A.  A 6 month defect warranty period is provided with the Pods. Appliance Warranties are as per the manufacturers warranty. Please see our Terms and Conditions.

No, delivery locations vary from job to job as well as the size of the Pods.

We need to search each specific transport route, local regulations, site information to arrive at an accurate delivery price.

The delivery price will be provided upfront before purchase.

We endeavour to ensure that our Pods are 100% complete or as close as possible with remainder to be finished on site.

However, there may be the odd occasion where an item isn’t installed due to the logistics of delivering the building. Example – a window awning is supplied with the building but not installed as this would make the Pod too wide for transport.