homelife pods 3d render of home 8 facade with barn style and colorbond steel technology

Home 8 utilises Colorbond’s steel technology creating a softer, more subtle look contrasted with bright whites and natural timber.


  • Colorbond’s steel technology
  • Walkways or breezeways can link multiple Pods
  • Nailstrip Colorbond Monument Matt wall and roof cladding
  • Hardwood timber cladding to the front facade
  • VJ interior wall and ceiling linings to the front deck
  • Vaulted interior ceiling
  • Optional patio flyover roof

See our specifications page for more information.

HOMElife understands that you may want to customise the Home 8 design to your unique needs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for information about structural, complexing and design options (including finishes, fixtures, fittings and cladding options) for this building.