portable office space with barn style facade andmonument matt cladding finish.

Why choose HOMElife Pods

Welcome to HOMElife Pods, your one-stop shop for custom-built modular construction. We design, build and deliver quality transportable Pods direct to your site.

What is a modular building?

Modular buildings are designed and built on a construction site using prefabrication and transported as ready-made buildings to their final location. They are built for various uses, anything from portable onsite office space to permanent secondary dwellings, granny flats or homes.

Benefits of Modular Buildings

Relocate and Repurpose

Modular buildings can be moved and repurposed. If you’re hoping to use your dwelling in various locations, it can be easily transported elsewhere after being installed. All you need to do is reconnect the three main services (water, sewer and electrical). It can vary, but at HOMElife Pods, we build almost everything off-site so upon delivery, it’s simply a Plug ‘n’ Play!

Do you only need your modular building for a temporary time? You can resell! The beauty of modular is that you don’t need to commit to your dwelling for a lifetime. If you’re no longer in need, it can easily be detached and re-transported to someone else in need of the portable space.

Grow Your Space at Your Pace

Modular Office Space

It can be stressful thinking about the next step for your business. Success and growth can also mean the added responsibility of hiring more staff and coordinating where they will comfortably work. With modular construction, you can grow your office space as your company grows. You don’t need to worry about relocation and differing commute times for your team members. Maintain stability and comfort for yourself and your team by expanding with modular office space.

Modular Living Space

With home prices increasing at record rates, modular builds are the way of the future. As your family grows, your home space can too without worrying about relocating. You can even choose an elevated modular Pod and build above a parking spot or elevated in the garden to avoid losing outside space.

Time Efficient Builds

Modular buildings are constructed in a controlled environment with regular tradesmen. These factors result in the highest quality finishes with a much shorter construction time compared to onsite builds.

Home Quality Construction

We believe choosing modular should feel just as homely as traditional builds. Each modular building has wall and ceiling insulation to optimise comfort and privacy. We can custom build each Pod to suit all styles and budgets.

100% Complete Build at Installation

The benefits of a prefabricated building are immense! There are no life interruptions as construction takes place away from the final delivery location. You won’t need to suffer through loud machinery at the crack of dawn or waste time cleaning any construction residue. Choosing a prefabricated build also means avoiding any unsafe environments around your home or business.

Cost-effective Building

There is significantly less labour time for a prefabricated modular build as the site workers are regular, knowledgable and efficient. At HOMElife Pods, all the exterior design and interior specifications are taken care of by us. This saves time and money that would be spent on inspections, briefs and additional workers. With us, you can simply tell us exactly the style of modular building you would like, then sit back and wait for delivery!

Ideal For Remote Locations

Trying to find workers that are happy to commute to a remote building destination can be frustrating. With modular, your problems are solved! All contact can be made over the phone and you can be confident that your build is going to meet the desired deadline. Once ready, we’ll deliver and install your transportable Pod in one smooth trip.

Sustainable Building

All materials are bulk bought and delivered from local Australian businesses. We minimise waste by using any unused materials from one build, for the next! Our workers also live local, only travelling away from our site to deliver your Pods safely.

Minimal Land Disruption

Uneven ground? No problem! Modular buildings can be installed using footings on uneven ground. There are no earthworks needed to level the surface.

What separates HOMElife Pods from other companies?

Quality Designed Modular Buildings with Exceptional Finishes

At HOMElife Pods, we pride ourselves on unique designs and sleek finishes.
Our in-house designer, Troy, will provide you with an exceptionally accurate 3D digital drawing of your chosen design and all its specifications. You’ll be able to visualise your Pod as though it were already built! We’ll work closely with you to make sure your design is perfect before construction commences, eliminating any surprises. You can then sit back, relax and count on our awesome construction team to produce a quality modular building.

We offer complete design flexibility to suit the space, style and function of the modular building that you need. Our experienced design and construction teams love what they do and welcome new architectural challenges.

100% Australian Made Transportable Builds

Rest assured, we’re in control of every aspect of your build. From designing the functionality of your transportable Pod to adding the finishing touches and delivering to your site. We’re stocked with quality materials and reliable workers so you can count on us to stick to the quoted construction time.

Since HOMElife Pods was launched 10 years ago, we have developed substantial knowledge of how to adapt to different climates and weather conditions that affect buildings in Australia. All of our Pods are built off-site at our construction facility meaning we can monitor each aspect of the build to ensure high standards are met and your modular building is safe and prepared for any weather conditions that occur in your area.

It’s not just the weather that our team are experienced in adapting to. At HOMElife Pods, we cater for all kinds of modular building functions. Whether you’re looking to expand your office space on a budget, build a luxury Airbnb cabin, or build an entire holiday park from the ground up. We know what works and understand the importance of functionality and design flow. We have various exterior and interior materials to suit a range of budgets and ensure distinguished style and quality throughout each build.

Happy HOMElife Pods Customers

Hear from our customers!
Check out the recent transportable Pods we’ve built. Find out what our customers have said about their experience with us.

Townsville tourist & lifestyle village

“We absolutely love this beautiful building. It is a great addition to our Village and our residents love having a fitness facility of this quality they can use. Amazing work HOMElife Pods, a pleasure to work with you on this project.”

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